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Sinic-Tek showed up in Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center

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Passion August, Sinic-Tek showed up in Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center.

The 21st South China International Electronic Production Equipment & Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON) on August 25, 2015 was successfully concluded on 27th.
Sinic-Tek , with sales amount of nearly 200 machines by the end of August in 2015 , accounts for more than 70% domestic market share,  and more than 20% market share including the imported equipment in China, which was far ahead of other domestic counterparts.  It has been ranking the top for many consecutive years on sales volume.
Sinic-Tek 3D SPI displayed the industry's most complete production line of SPI on site.
1.Two-track double head model D686                                    2.Three projection model I513
\                                 \

3. Special use for LED Model/                                                    4.Desktop white light solder paste full 
    special use for FPC model                                                         inspection equipment T1010a
\                                    \
Sinic-Tek has prepared thousands of copies of gifts worth a total of 100,000 yuan for this exhibition. We also provided hot and beautiful dances, interactive quiz, spin and win sweepstakes and other activities to drop bombs the whole center. We have a number of millet 10000ml mobile power, Rapoo wireless mouse, multi-function phone support card, Scuds charger, handwriting pen, mouse pad, which attracted a lot of audience to participate in the interaction.
Constant gifts ,  constant applause!
Still we have Scud electric aided-bicycle,a worth of 7998RMB, for on site orders.
The  booth of Sinic-tek  attracted many audiences and customers before the activities ,just for a better understanding of the products.
The host was introducing the new products of Sinic-Tek and explaining the flow of the activities. The audience and customers were attracted by its reputation.
The hot and beautiful dance attracted large audience to stop and ask information about the excellent equipment.
The audience were actively involved in the award-winning activities, looking at the brochure carefully, and scanning features of the products, also there was a audience said "it's enlightened even with one glance to see the page, I never thought that Sinic- Tek has so many big customers, it is really amazing "
 \          \
The beautiful models and hostess were distributing the gifts ,after getting the Sinic-Tek brochure , the audience were eager to know something about Sinic-Tek products.
Continuously, there were customers wanted to learn more about our new products, the technicians were explaining the features and performance of the machines to them, and many of them invited us to their company for further discussion about the details.
Our hostess, dancers and models were also very pleased to participate in the activities !
At the end, let’s take a photo to conclude a perfect curtain call! You guys are the best!

During the three-day exhibition, Sinic-Tek has hard-working staff, excellent hostess, beautiful models, passionate and gelivable customers and audiences, but the most important thing was that  the Marketing Director Mr Zhang, General Manager Mr He and Vice General Manager Mr lv are always supporting us , which lead to the success of the exhibition.
While the key point was the outstanding quality &performance and the good reputation of the products, which can really attracts attention of the customers.
All of us have benefited a lot from the three-day exhibition. We are delighted that so many friends like Sinic-Tek very much and tens of thousands of audience came to the exhibition booth for consultation. All of us are grateful for all the people who are always supporting Sinic-Tek. We firmly believe that the future of Sinic-Tek will be better!
We can not get miles away without accumulation of steps and success can not be achieved in one day, and it can never be achieved without the support of all customers. Although this exhibition has finished, Sinic-Tek will feed back all the new and old customers with higher quality and performance products by upholding the concept of "technology led new development" in the future. The trust from the customers and friends are the inexhaustible driving force of our progress. 

Just like the saying goes:It takes ten years to rub a sword, we will continue to make efforts, and hope you will be along with us.
See you on 2016 NEPCON exhibitions, please look forward to our bigger surprises!


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