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2014 South China SMT Academic and Applied Technology Annual Conference

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2014 South China SMT Academic and Applied Technology Annual Conference 
Cum 2014 Chinese SMT Innovation Awards Ceremony
The annual South China SMT Academic and Technical Conference &Chinese SMT Innovation Awards Ceremony was held successfully in Shenzhen Nanshan Minghua International Convention Center on 18th December , 2014.

In the meeting, the manufacturing director,Mr Zhang Jian delivered a speech and explained the unique technical characteristics of Sinic-Tek SPI, namely: Programmable spatial light modulation technology (PSLM PMP); D-Lighting technology (D-Lighting); RGB Tune technology; Five minutes one touch Programming; Powerful SPC(statistic process control) function, etc.
Meanwhile, Sinic-Tek also launched a new model: F6 (SPI special use for soft board &battery protection board), the bending deformation amount of soft plate often exceeds ± 5mm, it is very hard to the normal lens to take a good picture.we did a test in the first time by using the telecentric lens and camera supporting software, the test results was better than a number of foreign brands, so we define this configuration as the soft board-specific models, which rapidly entered the FPC industry.
Finally, in the awarding ceremony, Sinic-Tek won the 2014 Innovation Achievement Award,next is the picture of the Guangdong Institute of Electronics Committee awarding site .
Here, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the old and new customers and friends for their support, Sinic-Tek will continue to work hard to develop more and better products, and continue to lead Chinese 3D SPI brand and the national sales volume.

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