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2014 Shenzhen NEPCON Exhibition

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2014 Shenzhen NEPCON Exhibition
2014 NEPCON South China Electronics Expo

The high-speed development of technology in 2014 has brought huge changes to our life over the past year, people were happy to get the faster 4G phones; The general application of networking and sensor technology has made the appliances seem alive; and the OTT box makes TV access the Internet at low cost, and people can enjoy mass video news & information; The electronic equipment like wearable equipment, air box and other equipment on the basis of Internet cloud service have laid a solid foundation for the future of wise family even wise city; The rapid development of consuming electronic has brought trillions of level of market for Chinese electronics industry, and the electronics manufacturing industry impacted by the global economic ushers in a new spring. According to the statistics, in 2014, the overall strength of top 500 companies in Guangdong province has significantly increased, the total business income increased by 17.72% than the previous year, the net profits rose by 30.11%. In 2014, the total income of  the top 100 companies in manufacturing industry in Guangdong province added by 17% than that of the previous year, the net profit rose by 38%, South China is still at the center of the global electronics manufacturing industry.

As one of the South China's largest and oldest event in the industry, NEPCON (South China Electronics Conference) 2014 will show up again in August 26th - 28th in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which provides "one-stop" innovative solutions for the whole SMT Industrial chain from components, test and measurement to subcontract services, this 2014 NEPCON South China Electronics Exhibition covers an area of 30,000 square meters of exhibition, nearly 500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, the exhibitors covers the areas of SMT technology and equipment, welding equipment and materials, test and measurement, electronics manufacturing automation equipment, electronic manufacturing services and other six categories and hundreds of classification electronic manufacturing products.

In order to meet the demand of higher-capacity production, Sinic-Tek will take two-track equipment (S8030-D) to this exhibition for the first time.

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