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Sinic-Tek3D SPI 2015 New Products Release Meeting Concluding a Great Success

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Sinic-Tek3D SPI 2015 New Products Release Meeting Concluding a Great Success

On March 28, 2015, Sinic-Tek 3D SPI 2015 new product release meeting, hosted by Sinic-Tek Vision technology Co.Ltd, co-hosted by Guangdong Electronic Institution & SMT Committee, was held successfully in Shenzhen Jiehao Royal Hotel.
We invited nearly 400 old and new friends from all over the country. At the beginning of the conference, the Sales Director  in Xiamen Sinic-Tek, Mr Zhang Jian delivered a speech,and the Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial Electronic Institution & SMT Committee, Mr Wang Yong gave some opening remarks, Mr Wang has witnessed development process of Chinese electronic equipment from weak to strong, and put forward many idea and solution for the development of many enterprises in this area, and contributed a lot to the health growth of electronic equipment industry. He specially stressed that the plan which Sinic-Tek allowing the customers who have bought the Fudie SPI to change for the new ones, helps solved their worries about the unqualified Fudie SPI. Although it took a large amount of money, but this responsible action made an excellent example for Chinese high-end equipment industry and can really live up to the name of the leading brand of Chinese 3D SPI.
The Sales Director in Xiamen Sinic-Tek Mr Zhang Jian shared the technical features of Sinic-Tek SPI with all the guests there.
1.Programmable spatial light modulation(PSLM PMP) [patents]
2.D-Lighting technology[patents]
3.RGB Tune technology [patent application]
4.Multi-Head  technology [patents]
5.Coaxial mark point camera unit 
6.Multi Array Mark Detection
7.Traceability system support three stage mapping traceability 
8.FPCB  detection
9.Duel track equipment
10.Five minutes Programming
11.Powerful SPC(Statistic process control) function

Sinic-Tek exclusive commitment for global customers--- free replacement of projection for 10 years.
The General Manager Mr He Shengmao gave much emphasis on the introduction of the new models in this releasing conference
1.S8030DL model, dual-track and multi-projection, for smart phones;
2.F6 model special use for soft plate;
3.B3 model special use for battery protection board;

The three models have been tested in the customers' factory for more than one year and the performance and function have been improved already, we will release them in big batches in 2015. Sinic-Tek has constantly surpass itself in technology by putting "new technology lead new development "as its main principle.currently it has the most complete production line and the most competitive hardware and software platform in the industry 

The Sinic-Tek development& research team launched the first offline SPI T1010a in 2009, and  the InSPIre510a in 2011,S8030 in 2013,S8030DL、F6、B3 in 2015.Through 6 years continued technological improvement, we have already grasped the essence of the software and hardware. We are in the road of the first-class SPI worldwide, which lay a solid foundation for further breakthrough and innovation.

The continuous development and growth of Sinic-Tek are inseparable from the support of our partners as well as the trust and encouragement from the new and old customers. During the conference, there was a section of authorizing and awarding the outstanding agents in 2014, they are: Dongguan Weichuang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (VECTRON), Dongguan Hanji Electronics Co., Ltd, Dongguan Derlv Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
To increase the interaction among the customers, we specially invited engineers of three typical customers of Sinic-Tek came to share the using experience of 3D SPI with the rest of the guests , they are : Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. (domestic biggest car electronic enterprise), and Dongguan Prime Electronic Co., Ltd. (foundry of Huawei ), and Huizhou Deken Electronic Co., Ltd. ( joint venture of Confidence and Deken)  
In order to thank all the new and old customers for their support, Sinic-Tek prepared a large amount of fashion prizes for the guests: u disk, millet mobile power, millet health bracelets, Huawei bracelet, Huawei smart bracelet. (The following is. the photo of award-winning guests)
Finally, the 2015 Sinic-Tek 3D SPI release meeting concluded a complete success, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to each single guest and friend presented there. And Sinic-Tek will bring more new technology and products to you all with constant efforts and innovation.

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