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Standard 3D Inline SPI Model S8030


S8030 Series Products Description and Specifications:
1.Programmable phase modulation profilermetry(PSLM PMP):Sinic-Tek Patent,Its original programmable structure grating can use the software to set the cycle of the grating; Without mechanical drive and transmission part, greatly improving the accuracy of equipment and the scope of application, avoid the mechanical wear and maintenance costs. To achieve high precision 3D solder paste inspection in SMT production line.
2.Sinic-Tek patented synchronous structure of light technology to solve the shadow problem in solder paste inspection. Combined with RG two-dimensional light source to deal with high-contrast substrate, such as black substrate, ceramic substrate. Using red, blue, green three-color light to provide color 2D images;
3.High-resolution image processing system: ultra-high frame 5 million pixel industrial CCD camera, with telecentric lens to support the 01005 component inspection. We also provide 10um, 13.5um, 16.5um and other different detection accuracy, to meet customers different products and speed requirement;
4.Fast Gerber import and programming software, it can achieve 5 minutes programming; Manual Teach function for user programming and inspection without Gerber data;
5.Z-axis real-time compensation to solve flexible PCB and PCB warpage problem.
6.Powerful statistical process control (SPC): real-time SPC information display make users to monitor real-time production problems, reduce the defects caused by solder paste printing and provide the operator with a strong quality control support;
7.Equipment repeatibility accuracy << 10% (6 Sigma).

Equipment Hardware and Software Configuration:
Model S8030
Measurement Principle 3D white light PSLM PMP(Programmable Spatial Light Modulation,
commonly known as moire fringe technology)
Measurements Volume,acreage,height, XY offset, shape  
Detected Defects Missing print,insufficient tin, excessive tin, bridging, offset, shape defect, surface 
Camera Pixel 4M,5M as option
Lens Types Telecentric lens
Lens Resolution 15um,18um/16.5um/13.5um as option
FOV Size 30×30mm 
Accuracy XY Resolution:1um;Height:0.37um
Repeatability height:<1um (6 Sigma);
volume/acreage:<1%(6 Sigma);
Gage R&R <10%
FOV Speed 0.42s/FOV
Quantity of Inspection Head Single Head (Twin-Heads as optipon)
Red Green Blue/RGB Three 
Colas Option Light Source
Standard  configuration
Real-time Z-axis Compensation for PCB Warpage  Standard  configuration
Max. Meauring Height ±550um (±1200um as option) 
Max. Measuring Height 
of PCB Warp 
Minimum Pad Spacing 150um (pad height of 150um as the reference)
Smallest  Measuring Size Rectangle:150um;     Round:200um
Maximum PCB Size L330xW250mm
PCB Thickness 0.4-7mm
Top and Bottom Clearance Top:30mm  Bottom:40mm
Board Edge Clearance 3mm ,multifunctional clip edge  as option
Flexible or Fixed Orbit Setting Front orbit  (back orbit as option
PCB Transfer Direction Left to right or right to left
Orbit Width Adjustment Manual and automatic (front orbit or back orbit)
SPC Statistics Histogram;Xbar-R Chart;Xbar S Chart;CP&CPK; %Gage Repartability Data;SPI Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
Gerber & CAD Data Import Support Gerber format(274x,274d);Manual Teach model;CAD X/Y,
Part No.,Package Type import
Computer Types HP Server
CPU Intel 4-core
RAM 32G 
GPU 2G discrete graphics
Hard Disk 1T 
DVD+RW Standard  configuration
Operating System  Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)
Equipment Dimension and Weight 1000x1000x1525mm;865KG
Power 220V、10A
Air Pressure 4~6Bar
Power (Start / normal) Start:2.5kw /  normal operation:2kw
Loading Requirements of the Floor 600kg/m²
Options Multifunctional clip edge, camera barcode,1D / 2D Barcode scanner,  Badmark function, printer closed-loop control, offline programming software, rework station, UPS continuous power supply,ultrasonic sensor


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