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Sinic-Tek is located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, with a plant area of 9,800 square meters.It was founded in 2009, with its predecessor company originated in Germany. Till now it has a dozen of overseas senior visual software developers who are focusing on the development of 3D non-destructive visual inspection system. Sinic-Tek currently has a number of national invention patents and practical novel patents.
Sinic-Tek successfully launched China's first 3D high-speed full inspection off-line SPI in 2009; Sinic-Tek is a Chinese brand holding the largest storage volume of equipment

(more than 1,500 sets), the largest output volume, the largest market share. Currently Sinic-Tek has launched a full range of products, the offline machines haveT1010a, T2010a, T3010a; online machines have S8030 series, InSPIre series, FPC-specific models, special series for battery protection board, dual-track SPI and so on.
Sinic-Tek products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive electronics, smart phones, tablet computers, home appliances, industrial control, LED and other industries, with its customers across South China, East China, North China, Fujian Province, southwest and northwest regions of China, and its products have been exported to Taiwan, Vietnam , India, Malaysia and other countries. Sinic-Tek has been a leading brand of 3D SPI in China, with its complete production line, wide customers, stable product performance, well-deserved praise from many customers.
All of the staff in Sinic-Tek will uphold the concept of "new technology, new service, new development", to build a world-class electronic assembly and inspection system of Chinese own brand.


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